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Filba Foundation

Filba Foundation

Filba Foundation is an ONG dedicated to the promotion of literature in all its forms and among all kind of readers. Created in 2009, it has grown to become a key player in Latin America when it comes to fostering a wider circulation of books and creating new readers in the region.

Filba Foundation has developed the following activities:

• Filba Internacional: the flagship literary festival, held in two cities at the same time (Buenos Aires, Montevideo) and serving an audience of more than 10.000 persons.

• Filba Nacional: the itinerating literary festival that is held in smaller cities in Argentina and serves audiences of around 2.500 persons each.

• Filbita: the literary festival specialized in little children and families.

• Filba Escuelas: a program developed specially for schools, that works to develop reading habits among both students and teachers.

Filba Internacional is now in its ten edition and has brought together outstanding international authors with the best writers of Latin America. Along five days, a huge number of debates, readings, workshops and performances bring contemporary literature very close to the most interested and demanding readers in the main venues of Buenos Aires. The festival is widely covered by local and international press and has been labeled by an important Argentine writer as “the get-together that simply makes people happy”.